Rebel Wilson 220 lb weight loss

The world of cinema in our time is very diverse. If only ten years ago almost only actresses with the figure of top models appeared on the big screen, now, more and more, magnificent girls have begun to conquer the hearts of the audience. One of them is Rebel Wilson, who made her imperfections of the figure with her dignity. In the films she plays funny fat girls who sunk into the soul of the viewer. Many fans believed that Rebel Wilson had fallen into the world of cinema due to her non-standard figure, she also had this idea, but soon she decided to prove to everyone that her success was not only in magnificent forms.

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The path to Rebel Wilson 220 lb weight loss

Rebel was so difficult that she did not correspond to the ideals of men, and here also the ill-wishers were filled with reproaches from all sides. She lived in constant stress, both physical and moral. And the whole struggle with stress was reduced to food, as she claimed to stress nutrition. The food for her was both reward and consolation. Rebel Wilson 220 lb weight loss was for all very unexpected. The girl came to the wedding to her friends in a dress, in which the loss of several tens of kilograms of Rebel was noticeable. She decided not to stop at this and continued to fight with herself. She argued that the food for her is an addiction, and you need to deal with this as a drug. She decided to become healthy.

Final Thoughts about Rebel Wilson 220 lb weight loss

The girl did not completely abandon the sweet, because according to her, what is the point in life if you can not eat ice cream. But on the other hand, she began to work hard. For her, special fitness plans were drawn up, according to which she works all day with the instructors. Also, according to her, daily massages affect Rebel Wilson 220 lb weight loss, for which she is extremely grateful to all the staff of the fitness center. Rebel Wilson began to lead a healthier lifestyle, began to walk more and engage in various sports. She participates in marathon trips and mountaineering. The girl is ready to make every effort to become healthy and find her love. We hope in the near future we will see its wonderful transformation.

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